This flow chart is meant to be a guide on the level of disinfectant needed for each item you need to sanitize.  Since in makeup we will not be penetrating the skin or mucous membrane we fall under the noncritical level.  It is therefore recommended that we use Intermediate-level to Low-Level disinfectants in our kits.  Keep in mind that lip and eye items will need to be more thoroughly disinfected.

Best Practices

According to the Government of Alberta Esthetics Health Standards (2002) document:
- Disposable applicators should be used when possible.
-  A new sponge shall be used for each client
-  Skin should be cleansed prior to the application of the makeup
-  If makeup is applied to a face with any open lesions or infection, only disposable applicators should be used. If reusable applicators are used, they shall be cleaned and disinfected with a high level disinfectant after each client
-  All eye and lips pencils must be resharpened for each client. Makeup pallets should be covered when not in use
- When only a portion of a cosmetic preparation such as mascara and lipstick or other substance is used on a client, the portion to be used shall be removed from the container in such a way that the remaining portion is not contaminated
- All facecloths and towels applied to the face must be laundered and mechanically dried after each use.


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