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Learn how to do makeup, get clients and make money doing what you love!

This Face by Meagan Certification program is a hands-on in-person training program designed for new and advanced freelance
makeup artists to learn Meagan's technique of doing makeup.   


The Course Outline 

You will receive a course syllabus outlining the basics of building a kit, eye shapes, eyeshadow, brushes and more!  In this training it is important to me that you have all the tools for success.  I recommend you bring a pen and come prepared to take notes as there will be no shortage of information for you!  


Hands on Training

I believe in learning by doing and in this class I will teach you my techniques by showing you and then having you perform them on clients.  In this training you will learn how to complete several looks including natural makeup, bridal makeup and glam makeup.  


My Style? 

My style is clean lines with a smoked out eye, lashes and a mid toned lip.  I believe every woman is beautiful and that it is our job as artists to enhance each woman's beauty with our knowledge of colour tones, highlighting, contouring and customizing makeup for each woman's individual face.    

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How to Sanitize your Brushes and Products
You will learn how to properly sanitize your brushes and products to keep your kit clean and your clients protected.  These standards are taken directly from Health Canada's Sanitization Standards document. 


Pre-Application Steps to Ensuring Client Satisfaction
Makeup is an art and part of this art is creating the application that your client is envisioning.  To do this you will learn important questions and factors to consider prior to starting any makeup application on a client.  The more information you garner upfront, the better you can create a look that your clients love.  

Products you Need in your Kit
- Walk into any Sephora and you'll realize there are an overwhelming number of products on the market.  In this class you will learn which products are worth your money and which products it's best you save your money on.  You will also learn which products I recommend you keep in your kit at all times to be able to accommodate all skin tones and client preferences.  


How to do Makeup on Clients  
- You will learn several looks including a basic or natural makeup application, a bridal makeup application
as well as a glam makeup application.  This will include how to apply winged liner, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, powder, highlight and contour a face as well as apply false lashes. 

How to Customize Makeup for Clients
- This includes how to consider and enhance your client's features for the most seamless and customized
application possible.  This includes considering factors such as: eye, face, nose shape size and colour as well as skin texture, type and age of client.  

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Being accessible to my students is a priority.  If you need to reach me throughout your training, please contact me at any time via e-mail info@FaceByMeagan.com.  Once you complete your certification you will receive a certificate of completion in my technique.  You will also be added to our Facebook Group of artists who are also Face by Meagan (FBM) Certified. 

In this Facebook group you will find:
-  live Facebook interviews and tutorials with Makeup Artists across Canada and the US
- Answers to questions about product recommendations, colours and bookings
- Clients needing makeup within Saskatchewan
- Information on Pro Discounts for Artists
- Sales on makeup brands to add to your kit
And more!

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All students will receive photos of themselves doing makeup as well as before and after photos which they may post on their social media.  Students will also receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.


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In addition, all my students will receive a 20% pro discount on my online store on items such as:  
Beauty Blenders, Maskeraide Eye gels, Sara Happ products, Skindinavia Setting Sprays and more! 

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Package #1

Includes full course without a kit.

$2150 + tax

Package #2

Includes full course with a full makeup artistry kit. (including brushes, makeup bag, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, brow products, lashes and more.

$3250 + tax

We accept Visa, MasterCard and E-transfer.