Grads are a very busy time for makeup artists.  Usually grad season is May and June.  I recommend booking an hour and 15 minutes for grads incase anyone's hair runs late or makeup takes longer.  It could be a nice idea to team up with a hair stylist for this time to have makeup and hair in one place.  A lot of grads will get their makeup done in the morning and it will need to last for the day.  There are a couple items that will make it last but the most important is setting spray. I like using the Skindinavia setting spray.  This is the same formula that Urban Decay uses in their setting sprays.  


I love using the Sigma brushes, they are some of the best brushes on the market and have lasted me a really long time.  You can sometimes find them on sale at Winner's.  If not, you can find them online here.   You can get 35% off their brushes through their pro program.  To apply you will need to have a website and business cards.  I really like their sets, I think they are the best bang for your buck. 

I recommend trying this one.  


1.  Ask the grad what their dress looks like. 
If they have it, make sure that you take the look of the dress into consideration before starting the makeup.  Is the dress full of bling? Is it a super classic look?  What colour is the dress?  Make sure you take this all into consideration so everything looks co-ordinated.  

2.  Grads are young and may not want to offend you if they don't love the makeup. 
Make sure that you get a good sense of what they are used of seeing on their face for special events and tailor the makeup around that.  Keep in mind that if she is a very natural girl and never wears makeup then you will have to keep the whole look light. You can always build if she would prefer but I highly recommend starting off light in that scenario.  

3.  Book a trial
A lot of times grads will ask you to just do the makeup on the day without a trial.  For any special day I highly recommend booking a trial.  It can be quite shocking for people to see themselves with makeup on if they aren't used of it.  The trial gives them the chance to go home, talk to their friends and family and make adjustments as they see fit.  

4.  Take payment upfront. 
A lot of grads do not own a credit card.  The last thing you want is for a grad to forget their cash onthe day.  This creates more work having to follow up and set up a time to collect payment.  I do all my grad payments upfront before trial via e-transfer.