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This Makeup Training Course Creation Program is designed to teach instructors how to train Makeup Artists in your technique. This course will help you create and execute an in-person training program for novice and advanced makeup artists in your area.  


Create a Syllabus 

You will learn how to create a syllabus for your training program.  This includes how to structure, organize and execute your class to best fit your clients needs.  


Teaching in Action

So you have clients interested in taking your course. What should your training look like in practice?

This section will teach you how to run a course for makeup artists including how to teach and train artists for success.  


Get help along the way

As part of your program you will have 3 over-the-phone consults with Meagan.  During this time Meagan will help you put your goals for the training program into place and organize your course in a way that makes sense for you and your clients.

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My role is to:
- Be prepared for our phone consults with information and advice
- Devote my full attention to you during our sessions
- Provide you with resources and knowledge to help you create a fabulous makeup training course
- Provide a safe space where you can express yourself and be heard
- Challenge you to create a comprehensive training program
- Offer support, encouragement, feedback and guidance throughout the program


Your role is:
- Show up for each session on time with 100% focus and without distractions
- Provide payment for the program on time
- complete action steps in between sessions
- Be open to new ideas
- Be ready to take action and make quick decisions
- Take responsibility for your outcomes
- ask any questions as they arise.  

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Being accessible to my clients is a priority.  If you need to reach me throughout this process, please contact me at any timevia e-mail  You can expect a response within 24 hours or sooner Monday-Thursday from 10am-5pm.  

Anything in depth that you send for feedback may require up to 48 hours to draft a response.  

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All information exchanged during this program will be kept strictly confidential.  

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   $3200 + tax

We accept Visa, MasterCard and E-transfer.