I see a lot of makeup techniques, both from artists and from people doing their own makeup, and there are some very common mistakes I see.

Here are 3 of the top mistakes I see and how to easily fix them:

  1. Not blending eyeshadow

    • Eyeshadow takes practice to get but all you have to do if you’re a beginner is go around the edges of your eyeshadow with a skin tone powder or eyeshadow and blend. This will make your blending look more seamless and your eyeshadow game, more professional. You can keep going in and darkening your eyeshadow but make sure you are going around the edges each time. Eyeshadow is meant to transition into the colours. You don’t want to see where each colour starts and stops.

  2. Not taking concealer down to the side of the nose

    • Concealer should be taken in a triangle shape under the eye. This highlights the whole under eye area instead of just near the orbital bone. This will give the appearance of a brighter, more open and youthful under eye (which is definitely the look we are ALL going for).

  3. Not choosing the right products for your skin type

    • If you have dry skin, don’t go in with a full coverage matte foundation. It’s going to emphasize your dryness and look cakey. Instead choose a more satin or radiant finish foundation and powder where necessary.

    • If you have oily or combination skin, go in with a matte foundation. It doesn’t have to be full coverage but want something that won’t add more shine to your face.

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