How to prepare for wedding season

Wedding season is around the corner and it can get crazy not only with the volume of clients but also with making sure our kits are ready to handle whatever may come!

Here are some of my tips to make sure you don’t get caught without something you need this wedding season:

  1. Stock up in advance

    This is tip #1 for a reason. Wedding season can be crazy and not only with the wedding parties you’ve booked but brides can also be scrambling to find an artist last minute to accommodate them. I highly recommend you are STOCKED up in the following:

    • Extra brush cleaner
      - This tends to take longer to ship in the summer because it is in high demand. Make sure you don’t run out and get an extra bottle or two. You’ll use it.

    • Lashes
      - You should be putting lashes on just about everyone. They make the biggest difference to the overall makeup and investing in nice lashes not only sets your makeup apart but it makes your clients happier with your work (and looks better in your photos).

    • Lash glue
      - It’s not easy to see the end of this container or know when it’s close to out and you don’t want to be surprised by this. They are cheap and easy to stock up on. Make sure you have 2 or 3 unopened ones in your kit at all times.

    • Disposable lip wands
      - It’s nice to give your brides and clients a lip touch up container so they can re-touch their lipstick after you’ve left. You’ll need to give them these wands for application.

    • Lip containers
      - (same as above)

    • setting spray
      - This literally makes the difference of your making lasting all day for your clients. Wedding season can be hot and sweaty and long and you’ll want your clients looking flawless through it all. Make sure you have 2 extra unopened bottles for your clients. They’ll thank you later.

    • eyeliner
      - You always want to go over the lash line with eyeliner (even if it’s super thin) so it doesn’t look so stark where the lash band starts. Make sure you have at least 1 extra eyeliner for wedding season.

  2. Be organized

    I cannot stress this enough, stay ontop of your schedule. Make sure you solidify with all your brides where you’re supposed to be and when. It’s nice to send confirmation e-mails to your brides the Monday of their wedding so they know you will be there and on time! This saves your brides the time of sending you an e-mail to confirm you’ll be there on their day.

  3. Be active and consistent online
    Wedding season is the season to get as many clients as you’d like. The more active you are on Instagram, the more likely someone is going to ask you for makeup. Keep in mind that a lot of people who are attending a wedding may want to get their makeup done as well! (Don’t neglect Instagram stories, this can be a fun way of having content when you don’t have any photos to post. Plus it allows people to get to know you in a more personal way!)

  4. Not busy with makeup? Do makeup for your friends!

    This is for the same reason as above, you need to show people what you can do. Clients want to see a profile of an artist who is actively doing makeup for clients. If you’re not, do makeup for some of your friends or family to get some before and afters or just afters of your work.